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The Assyrian American National Coalition is a grassroots advocacy and lobbying organization dedicated to exercising our rights as citizens to petition our elected officials to promote the security and preservation of the larger Assyrian community. AANC is policy driven and will advocate for specific action by community mobilization coordinated with direct lobbying of elected officials.

We are independent of all political groups-Assyrian and American-and have no religious affiliation. We recognize that the many identities and confessions, such as Chaldean and Syriac, are unified in one nation: Assyrian. As a nonprofit, we are supported strictly by donations of individuals and organizations, Assyrian and otherwise, who simply agree with the goal to promote the security and preservation of the Assyrian people.

Registration and participation in our grassroots organizing is free and open to anyone.

Please register to join our email list and receive updates from AANC.

Your donations will go to helping us pay for mobilization efforts including website, volunteer organizers, supplies, phone banks, and travel costs.  With a strong basic operating cost, we can expand and implement many of our future projects, including;

- An internship program for students in D.C.
- Placing interns with candidates running for office throughout the country
- Immediate mobilization for demonstrations, getting-out-the-vote, and general organizing efforts

You can make a one time donation, or set up monthly donations for as little as $10 per month.

You may donate here.

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