Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Gary Lineker says he was caught romping in Fiat Uno which had his name plastered down the side – The Sun

MATCH of the Day host Gary Lineker admitted he was caught romping in a Fiat Uno — with his name plastered down the side.

He was given the red sponsored motor when he played for Leicester City and was first dating Michelle Cockayne, mum of his four boys.

The couple’s passion had steamed up the windows when a fan tapped on one and shouted: “Gary, we know you’re in there lad!”

The ex-Spurs and England finisher, 59, recalled: “The car had ‘Gary ­Lineker Drives . . .’ all over it in massive letters — it was embarrassing.”

He added on his Behind Closed Doors podcast: “We were in the ­middle of nowhere and bam, bam, bam — there we are in the car and it all steams up.

“Suddenly we get a knock. I’ve gone, ‘Oh no, my name’s on the side of the car’.

Talk about taking the wind out of your sails. True story. I didn’t finish on that occasion!”

A photo of Gary in his kit with the car was doing the rounds on Twitter.

It has “Uno 1” on the bonnet and on the doors are “Gary ­Lineker LCFC Drives a Fiat” and “Supplied by Kilby Bridge Motors”.

Previously on his podcast Lineker, now paid £1.7million a year by the BBC, revealed he and Michelle flouted a club sex ban hours before Leicester played Derby in 1982 — and he scored three goals.

He superstitiously carried on romping before matches for another four weeks before calling a halt when he failed to bag another hat-trick.

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