Tuesday, December 10, 2019

McDonald's US launches 'Golden Arches' fashion range and prices start from $10

MCDONALD’S fans in the US will be able to wear Big Macs and fries wherever they go after the fast food giant launched a new range of clothing.

The new fashion selection includes everything from red and yellow Happy Meal jumpers, to beanies with the golden arches logo.

There’s also a Christmas selection for the holidays, including sesame seed baubles and festive McDonald’s jumpers.

Prices start at $10 for hair bands and a pin set, and go all the way up to $65 if you want to be Lovin' It this winter in a Christmas jumper.

The McDonald’s clothing range is only available in the US but shipping is available to every state – delivery is also free on all orders.

You can shop the full range right now on Golden Arches Unlimited.

McDonald's new clothing range

HERE'S the full list of McDonald's new clothing range and how much each item will set you back.

  • McDonald’s Hair Ties: $10
  • Sesame Seed Ornament: $10
  • McDonald’s Meal Pin Set: $12
  • Big Mac Sandwich, World Famous Fries and McFlurry Dessert Journals: $15
  • Happy Meal Pop Socket: $15
  • Sesame Seed Pop Socket: $15
  • McDonald’s Winter Beanie: $15
  • Big Mac Sandwich Bag: $20
  • Golden Arches Stainless Steel Tumbler: $20
  • Happy Meal Toddler T-shirt: $20
  • Sesame Seed Socks: $20
  • World Famous Fries Socks: $20
  • World Famous Fries Tote Bag: $25
  • Happy Meal T-shirt: $25
  • Mickey D’s Nickname T-shirt: $25
  • Sesame Seed Umbrella: $30
  • World Famous Fries Lounge Set: $35
  • Sesame Seed Zip Hoodie: $60
  • McDonald’s Holiday Sweater: $65

While some items have already sold out, McDonald's has promised to restock them soon, as well as bringing in new items.

Sadly, Maccies has confirmed there are no plans to bring the website to the UK.

The merch line comes after several successful stints of clothing being given away with Uber Eats orders.

But some UK fans were left fuming when they missed out of a mega giveaway back in September.

McDonald's ran a similar stunt two years ago when it delivered adult-sized Big Mac onesies to customers' doors.

What can I buy in the McDonald's clothing range?

Mickey D's nickname t-shirt – $25 (buy now)

Mickey D's, McDona's – however you say it, everyone knows what you're on about when you're talking about McDonald's.

This t-shirt comes in bright yellow with five different variations of how to say McDonald's in white text.

McDonald's winter beanie – $15 (buy now)

Now you can keep your head warm and snug this winter while repping your favourite fast food chain.

The McDonald's beanie is fluffy and white with a bright yellow pom pom on top.

McDonald's holiday sweater – $65 (buy now)

It's the most wonderful time of the year, so what better way to celebrate than in a Maccies jumper.

This festive design comes in green and red and features the famous golden arches around the collar.

World famous fries socks – $20 (buy now)

These funky socks are covered in McDonald's fries and they're guaranteed to keep your feet nice and toasty.

McDonald's is also selling socks covered in a sesame seed design.

Happy Meal t-shirt – $25 (buy now)

If you have fond memories of enjoying a Happy Meal as a kid – or perhaps you still like them now – then this t-shirt could be just for you.

It's red and yellow with the Happy Meal logo on the front, so you'll be walking around like a Maccies meal in no time.

Across the pond, McDonald's in the UK is launching veggie dippers as part of its first-ever vegan meal.

While this McDonald’s fan has explained how to order mayonnaise even though it’s not on the menu.

And other McDonald’s lovers say its new millionaire’s and toffee lattes look nothing like they should.

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